Friday, December 30, 2011

Choose the Right

I am starting out a new year, with a new Primary class in church.
They have me teaching the eight and nine year old kids.
Totally right up my alley, since that is about the brain level I am on myself.

The lesson manual I use this year, really focuses the first few lessons on "CTR."
"CTR" is the Mormon equivalent of "WWJD?"
The letters "CTR" stand for "Choose the Right."
We have songs about it, jewelry, and tee-shirts.
And vinyl wall-art, and pillow-cases, and probably underwear.

I once saw a girl with a fancy "CTR" tramp-stamp, which is about the biggest oxymoron I have seen in all my 40 years, as my religion is opposed to tattoo's.

Anyway....I made a poster (8x10) and a hand-out (4x6) for my new class.
I thought I would share it, in case anyone else out there would like their own copy.
You can right click on the image, save it, upload it to a photo center, and have it printed.
The first image is the poster, sized to be printed as an 8x10, and the next image is sized as a 4x6.
If you have any issues downloading or whatever, shoot me a comment, or an e-mail, and I will try to help you.

Wish me luck on my new class.
The first few weeks are like herding kittens.
Kittens on Red Bull.


Kathy said...

As a former Primary President I can say..."Kittens on Red Bull" pretty much sums it up!

Lisa G. said...

Kittens on Red Bull....too funny. Love the green of your signs :)

Robyn said...

I just had a thought, maybe the ctr tattoo was her initials and had nothing to do with choosing the right-probably a long shot but let's just hope her name is Christy Tanya Robinson or maybe even better her boyfriends initials Christopher Travis Roper.

Misty said...

Thanks for the laughs...I teach the same class and I love it but boy oh boy are they wired.

Mynn xx said...

Thank you!!! :) So glad that we can all share our talents--I know our kids will love this! :)