Sunday, September 30, 2007

finding miracles

I know my posts as of late, have been on the ranting lunatic side, so I thought for a Sunday evening I would switch up my PMSing with a few recent miracles I have recognized.

You know, there are small tender mercies everyday in our lives, if we choose to look... (the link is an older LDS talk on the subject of tender mercies, and sums it all up much more eloquently than I ever could.

Here are my miracles from this week.

1- Busting all weekend long to get my laundry to a manageable heap. I ran a load through the washer, and was loading that batch into the dryer when the cycle was finished. Out clunked two fountain pens, and one of my Burt's Bees Lipsticks. NO laundry damage done! And they clunked out pre-dryer. I am counting that as a tender mercy. I have not been in the mood to Martha Stewart my laundry up.

2- Went to Walmart for my vitamins. They were out. I happened to look on the shelf above my vitamin spot, and lo and behold, someone had put a bottle in the wrong spot, and there it was. The last bottle in the store! MINE!

3- Driving to the post office to mail a package, getting all the way up to the front of the line and realizing that I left my debit card at home. Digging through my purse, I found enough quarters and various change to pay for the package.

4- While out running errands, the Suburban was acting funky. Every time it would slow down, (to stop at a light, or stop-sign) the engine would die. I would have to re-start it. Plus, I lost the power steering and brakes. It did this at every stop. It was raining, and cold, and I worried about walking or being stranded, and mostly for being that guy who has to get out and push their vehicle off the road to get it out of the way. It finally completely died in front of my own house.

5- Having a mechanically inclined husband, who took the suburban out to fix it, and single handedly figured out the $80.00 install it needed to run fabulously again.

A tank of gas.

Friday, September 28, 2007

guest designer

I have been asked to take part in an online class offered at NYCscraps. Debbie Hodge is teaching the class, and I am joined by Renae Clark, Erin Campbell Pope, Sheila Doherty, Jen Gallacher, and Sharyn Tormanen in creating the class samples.

It looks like a fun class, and a great way to scrap a large size stack of photos. If you want to check out a PDF of the class preview, you can do that HERE.

Registration starts now. The classes begin October 15, they run for five weeks, and include 15 total classes all for $25.00. Check it out if you are interested.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

the twins and starving.

I did a photoshoot of my sisters twin boys.
Then I got to sit and hold them all afternoon. I am such a sucker for newborns! And these little guys are good babies. I could just eat them, on--

I am on week three of Weight Watchers. I think my body has finally figured out that this isn't some funny joke. It's NOT that we need to go to the grocery store. That I am really only feeding it those 24 measly points a day. For some reason I have been really hungry lately. And gassy from all the fiber and veggies. My body is rejecting all the good food.

I have been trying to cook new things, things that I can eat with my whole family. Cause you want the definition of torture? When you make a Fudge Cheesecake Swirl bundt cake with cream cheese glaze and sprinkles, and serve it up to the family, and watch them dig in while you snack on RICE CAKES. Salivating. And cursing life without cake.

Or when you have a mid-day snack, and settle on a healthy-good-for-you YOGURT, and after eating the whole thing, figure out that it cost you FIVE BLOODY FREAKING POINTS! And then later that day, when you are out of points, you curse the yogurt again, and try satisfy your stomach,(which by now is trying to eat itself for survival)by gnawing on the inside of your cheeks.

Sometimes I dream of nachos.

In my last fat farm meeting, they instructed us on "The Art of Visualization." We all had to visualize ourselves in January. We were to be specific. Like saying "In January I want to be a skinnier" is not specific enough. More like saying "In January, I want to flounce into a room full of my peers, wearing a size eight, and having all heads turn in envy." (HUGE eyeroll)

We had to write down on a 3x5 card what we visualized.

The girl next to me, bless her, was probably 5'2" and weighed in at I am guessing 210. She happened to be engaged to be married in January. Her card said "I visualize myself walking down the aisle in a six 6-8 wedding dress that is form fitting."

I visualize her setting herself up for failure.

The instructor went around the room and asked people to read their cards.
Good thing she skipped me.
I visualized myself not needing these cheesy meetings anymore.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My husband is buying a drum set.

Cause I guess he thought that LAST NERVE of mine needed to be eradicated.

As if I don't spend enough time rocking in the corner, occasionally twitching, with my new life of Weight Watchers and no caffeine.

Monday, September 24, 2007

i guess this was their final response?

Hello Shaunte,

Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.

It is our intent to treat you with courtesy, respect, and understanding and to provide the highest quality of service in all areas. We are sorry that you have been inconvenienced to the extent indicated in your e-mail.

Although this service is provided as a means of technical support for our customers, we appreciate any feedback about our company's products and services. The e-mail message you sent has been reviewed and forwarded to the proper individuals. We value your comments.

If you need further assistance, please reply to this message and we will be happy to assist you further.

For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running, please visit our Web site

HP Total Care

What did that even say?
Why was that response even sent? It did not help me. Did not make me feel better. Did not offer a fix or an attempt to rectify the problem.

This leads me to ponder on honesty in the workplace.

Back in the day, I worked at a title company. We were overbooked every single day. Every day. And we had "special" clients, that we had to squeeze in at the drop of a hat.

Some days there was just not time to do everything we had lined up. I had to prepare documents for closings that were scheduled sometimes simultaneously between two closers, some of them in a different office, working another county.

As luck would have it, those were the days the "special" clients would call for a favor. There was literally no way I could squeeze those favors in. But...there was no way I could tell them "no" that we were too busy at the time. That immediately translates into "you are not as important to us as the other clients we are serving."

So I would lie. A lot.

I would say "you bet, I will get that right over to you."

And then I would work on my closings. The client would call back and say they hadn't received the document yet, and I would apologize and say it was in the queue to be faxed, or being delivered via our runner, or some other excuse to basically buy some time. Usually after hours, we would all catch up on all the little things like that.

Honest? No. But really, what would you rather be told? We are too busy?

So I look at the response HP took to my e-mail. And I wonder what I would rather be told. Obviously they do not intend to fix the problem. Would I rather be lied to? And told they are looking into the problem (when they really aren't)? That maybe my e-mail was being forwarded to a technician? That maybe they are aware of the problem, and are working on a solution?

Sometimes honesty is offensive and feels like a brush-off.

Converting to Vista

Stuff that really pisses me off. Some of my computer accessories, you know that I JUST BOUGHT don't work with Vista unless you download a patch or a plug-in. So I have been doing nothing but re-installing all the chit on my computer, and wasting a whole lot of time doing so.

This one takes the cake:
Here is my "contact us" online customer service ticket, which was received in India or Pakistan. My customer service agent was named "Chiranjib."

hp e-mail support
language_code : en
language : English
Country of Residence : United States
product_line : 4X
product_oid : 1849439
product_name : HP Scanjet G3010 Photo Scanner
part_number : L1985A
purchase month : 8
purchase year : 2006
problem area : other
serial number : CN715A560M
operating system : winvistahomebasic64
What software application are you using? : hp sCANJET g3010 pHOTO sCANNER hp pHOTOTSMART soFTWARE
problem description :

I purchased this scanner solely for the purpose of being able to stitch two images together into one image.

Previously, I used the feature on the software called "Create" and then"Panorama."

However, recently I purchased a new computer with Vista (my older computer was a WIndows XP) and since the change, the program no longer has the "Create" and "Panorama" option. I have uninstalled, and re-installed the driver you recommend online for Windows VIsta, and neither option has the ability to stitch at all.

This scanner, like I said, was purchased for that reason only. Is there a patch, or something you can provide me with to allow me this function?

I am very frusterated and disappointed to have this feature missing with Vista.

troubleshooting : Mentioned above.
setting changes : Mentioned above.
first name : Shaunte
last name : Wadley

And HP's response:

Hello Shaunte,

Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.

On reading your e-mail I understand you are unable to stitch two images together into one image on windows vista.

I sincerely regret the inconvenience caused and the level of discomfort experienced by you.

Shaunte, at present we do not have the patch to resolve this issue as the software worked with XP it clearly indicates that there is some issue with the vista operating system. if a patch is released by HP then we would definitely get back to you.

If you need further assistance, please reply to this message and we will be happy to assist you further.

For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running, please visit our Web site

HP Total Care

And my response to their response:


What you are saying then, is that I have purchased a HP product that is barely a year old and now obsolete to me, because HP is unwilling to upgrade software? Wow. That is awesome customer service. This will definitely influence my future purchase decisions. I will be sure to forward this e-mail conversation to all my contacts and online forums to let them know how "helpful" HP is when upgrading to windows Vista.

All my other computer accessories had patches and/or plug-ins for Vista, and now function properly.

I hope you will forward this to your manager, or anyone else who might actually care. HP needs to get with the times, as most PC operating systems will eventually be Vista.
What a complete and utter disappointment.

So basically, I am stuck with a scanner that will not work on my computer. Sorry, ma'am. So that leaves me the option of last night, when I needed to get some layouts scanned in and e-mailed.
I can:
1- Scan both halves of my 12x12, and just e-mail them. The recipient can just use their imagination to see how pretty the finished product might look, you know NOT SPLIT DOWN THE MIDDLE!
2- Take digital photos of the layouts, which I have to upload to the computer, edit, crop, resize, and THEN e-mail to myself so I can have them on my new computer. And why is that last step necessary? Oh yeah, cause my new computer DOES NOT recogize my card reader OR MY CANON CAMERA. But the old one does. So I have to upload everything downstairs, and e-mail it upstairs.

It's a good thing I don't drink.
And it's a good thing that HP outsources their customer service to another country, one that I couldn't use my free flights to get to easily. With a gun.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

saturday randomness

I weighed in today.

Down another 2 pounds. I was disappointed. I am a measly 1/2 pound away from a five pound sticker to put on my bookmark! I wanted everyone to clap and cheer for ME! (How pathetic is it when an adult woman waaaaants a sticker(!)) It's my own fault, cause my bladder was full, I was chewing gum, my hair was still wet, and I wore a padded bra. <---don't you think that is about .8 pounds? Yes?

There were some ladies in the meeting that had my disappointment was short-lived.

In other news:

I haven't edited then yet, but we took a drive yesterday up the canyon to see the changing leaves. I love autumn, it is my favorite time of year.
I love sweatshirts and fuzzy slippers, hearty stews and steaming mugs of hot chocolate. The smell of Pumpkin Spice candles. Bubble baths to take the chill off. Nights where all the kids are in the house, watching a movie or playing a game. Throwing blankets over the heater vent to make a warm air tent, and curling up with a book. Comfort.

You can smell it in the air now, at night...the cold coming on. I am so ready.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My friend Heather tagged me, and I would link you to her blog, but its all private and stuff, but this is her photography site, and is is rather fabulous. I, of course, am biased, because she and I had some bonding moments that have cemented us together forever.

1. your rock star name (first pet & first car).
Smedley Storm (Smedley was a snail I found up the canyon, and brought home. My mom was an anti-pet person, incidentally, Smedley gave birth, and we has baby snails in the kitchen window sill for a good, long time.)

2. your gansta name (fav ice cream flavor, favorite cookie).
Cappuccino Lorna Doone

3. your “fly girl” name (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name).

4. your detective name (fav color, fav animal).
Red Raccoon

5. your soap opera name (middle name, city where you were born)
Blank Lehi <---I don't have a middle name.

6. your star wars name (first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first).

7. superhero name (”the” + 2nd fav color, fav drink).
The Pink Mountain Dew

8. nascar name (the first names of your grandfathers)
Wayne Elwood

9. stripper name ( the name of your fav perfume/cologne/scent, fav candy).
Blue Bit O'Honey

10. witness protection name (mother’s & father’s middle names ).

Kathleen Jay

11. tv weather anchor name (your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter).
Emal Eugene

12. spy name (your fav season/holiday, flower).
Autumn Daisy

13. cartoon name (fav fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”).
Nectarine Flippy floppy

14. hippy name (what you ate for breakfast, your fav tree).
Fiber Bar Banyon

15. your rockstar tour name (”the” + your fav hobby/craft, fav weather element + “tour”).
The Scrapbooking Thunderstorm Tour

Okay. I played along, so if you feel so inclined, consider YOURSELF tagged by me, and copy and paste, and answer away...

Make sure you link me so I can see your kooky answers too.


Fiber Bar Banyon

Monday, September 17, 2007

dating a DJ

I guess I need to tell the Howard Jones story, since I posted a picture of he and I together, and left you all hanging about that.

I was working as a loan officer, and had a friend from High School come in one day. He came in with this guy, who wanted to get a loan for a car. They were friends, and my old friend, whom we will call Phil introduced me to "Rob." <---not his real name.

I worked Rob's loan up, and we chatted about things. Come to find out, he was a DJ for a local alternative radio station. We talked shop for a while. Talked about The Cure, and Erasure, and some NIN. Then he signed his loan papers, and went to pick up his car.

A day later, Phil called and told me Rob thought I was cool, and wanted to ask me out.

At this point in my life I had just survived a horrible relationship, and was not at all interested in dating. The thought sickened me, actually. I had just come to terms with spending the rest of my days as a nun, or a spinster librarian. I tried to tell Phil that, that I wasn't up for it, for the games and the obligation or any of that.

He assured me that Rob just wanted to hang out. No big deal. Besides, Rob wasn't the best looking guy ever. He reminded me of Charlie Brown, actually, with a head that was too big for his body, slightly balding, glasses...

I gave Phil permission to give him my phone number. If he was sure we could just be friends.

During that week, Rob would send me funny things via the fax machine at work. (This was pre-e-mail, people.) And it was all good. I was looking for a friend, and he seemed to be fine being one. He made me laugh. He had a great sense of humor, similar to my own, a little off the wall. We got along great.

That Saturday, he called me, I was at work, and told me that Howard Jones was going to be at the station that afternoon, and did I want to come down and hang out with HoJo. Um, YES! So he left me a VIP pass at the front desk, and I got to hang out with Howard Jones, ask him questions, eat lunch, watch his live radio broadcast. It was very cool. That night I went with Rob and Phil and Phil's date to the Howard Jones concert.

After that, on weekends, we would all hang out at the station where Rob would work, and in between songs we laughed and talked. I needed the friendship, and I was grateful to have a place to go and something to look forward to. I didn't feel any pressure from Rob. It was nice. I made it very clear that I was NOT looking for any type of relationship. He seemed to understand.

I should mention, however, that this was about the time that Sam came into my life. Freshly home from serving a two year LDS mission in Ecuador. We had always been friends in High School, but this was the first time we saw each other as potential dates. He was looking pretty good...but I was still hesitant about dating anyone.

Depeche Mode came into town. Rob asked me to go, and gave me backstage passes too. I love, love DM, and was so excited to meet them. It was unreal, to be standing there, right next to Martin L. Gore!

We went to the radio station after-concert party. Everyone seemed to be very interested in meeting me, when Rob introduced me around. I started to get it then. That he was reading into this wrong. I am not sure why a guy can't just be friends, but I knew I needed to break it off with him. It wasn't fair to him. And besides...even with me fighting it at every step, Sam was growing on me.

I don't remember how I broke it to him. I do remember Sam taking me to lunch one day, and we were casually holding hands, and a friend of Rob's saw us, and reported back to him that I was holding hands with some guy at the mall.

He was hurt. I didn't have an explanation for him. I felt really, really bad.

The next day, ON THE AIR! he proceeded to publicly bash me. Not by name, but anyone involved at the station knew. He went on and on how girls say they don't want a relationship, use you, and are holding hands with another guy the next day.

I didn't talk to him again, for years. And of course I married that other guy.

A couple years ago, I won something on the radio. It wasn't the same station, but Rob had switched stations, and I didn't keep track of him. As luck would have it, he worked at that station. So, the station put me in touch with him, and we talked. I was nervous, but everything was fine, after all those years. He was married, and happy. I was married and happy. We caught up, and I got closure.

I still hear him broadcast every once in a while. And I have awesome memories of what could have been a pretty dark time in my life without his friendship.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

we have babies!

6 pounds, 15 ounces and 19.5 inches long (tall?)
7 pounds, 2 ounces and 20.5 inches long.

Totally adorable little chunky monkeys.
Congrats Shay and Rob!

lots to say

But man! have I been text heavy on the blog lately...

I will be quick today.
My first weigh-in with Weight Watchers.
Down 2.8 pounds! WOOT! WOOT!
I prefer to think of it in butter. That is 10 cubes of butter. Gone.

In other news...
My sister, who is pregnant with twins, is being induced TODAY! Bless her heart (and 45inch waist!) she just found out she has a clotting disorder, and they will be unable to give her an epidural or any type of pain medication. On the off chance that she will need a cesarean, they will just have to knock her out cold.

So if you think you are having a bad day, you could be delivering twins...naturally.

We had a church party the other night, which is a post in itself, but since occasionally I have ward member read the old blog (Hey, Bishop Everett!) I will keep my opinions to myself, and just say that our neighborhood has some interesting talents.

A few minutes before I had to go over to the church to set-up, I was herding the kids into the house, to scrub them up to go out in public. Brendan came in with a big slab of mud on the side of his face.
"What the crap, Brendan! Go clean up, we have to GO!"
"But, Mom, I got stung by a bee." (Explains the mud, does it really take the stinger out? Has anyone ever verified that on Mythbusters?)
"Well, go wash up."

And we get to the party, and I am setting stuff up, and randomly mingling, and Brendan interrups to to say:
"Mom, you really need to look at this."
"Okay, hold on a minute, 'kay?"

A few more minutes go by, and Brendan is back, with his hand over his eye.
"Mom, seriously. You need to see this!"

So I follow him into a dark corner of the building, and he takes his hand away from his eye....


Guess who is allergic to bee stings?
So I did what any good, and caring parent would.

I went out in the Suburban and got him some sunglasses.

Friday, September 14, 2007

come to mama.

Dear Shaunte Wadley-

Your order placed with Dell on 9/12/07 has been shipped.

1 222-9194 Inspiron 530,Intel Core2 Duo processor E4400 (2.00GHz 800FSB) w/Dual Core Technologyand 2MB cache
1 311-7239 2GB DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz
1 310-8025 Dell USB Keyboard
1 310-7966 Dell Optical USB Mouse
1 320-5612 Dell 20in E207WFP Flat Panel Analog and Digital
1 320-5746 128MB NVIDIA GeForce 8300GS
1 341-4810 320GB Serial ATA 2 Hard Drive (7200RPM)
1 341-5008 No Floppy Drive Requested
1 420-6540 Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, English
1 420-5769 Internet Search and Portal
1 420-5924 Icon Consolidation Application
1 463-2282 Dell Owners Manual installed on your system,click on icon after system set-up to access
1 420-6436 Vista, PC-Restore, Dim/Insp
1 420-6995 DELL SUPPORT 3.4,DIM/INSP
1 313-5582 Dell Resource DVD with Application Backup
1 420-7244 Dell Support Center 1.0
1 310-1966 Mouse included in Dell Wireless or Bluetooth Package
1 430-0412 Integrated NIC card
1 430-2519 Internal PCI 802.11g wireless network card,Full Height
1 412-0914 Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0
1 313-5270 16X DVD+/-RW Drive
1 420-6464 Roxio Creator Basic
1 313-2758 Integrated Audio
1 313-2198 No Speaker Requested
1 412-0940 Security 30-day trial
1 412-0148 No Internet Service Provider Requested
1 420-6585 Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition
1 950-3337 1 Year Limited Warranty
1 987-3137 Dell Hardware Warranty PlusOnsite Service, Initial Year
1 982-4310 Type 3- Third Party At Home Service, 24x7 Technical Support, Initial Year
1 987-6238 No Warranty, Year 2 and 3
1 960-3249 Banctec Service Agreement
1 983-3680 Warranty Support,Initial Year
1 466-7688 Thank you for choosing Dell
1 464-9572 No Preinstalled Software
1 310-8626 You have chosen a Windows Vista Premium System
1 420-7091 DataSafe Online Dim/Ins/XPS
1 420-7092 DataSafe Online Dim/Ins/XPS 1YR-FREE
1 987-4817 Insp Datasafe 3GB,1YR(Incl in price),DHS
1 988-0099 To activate your online backupaccount, go to Start, Programs, DataSafe Online

I am getting a new computer!

I have absolutely NO IDEA what all of that stuff is up there. Our computer tech friend (Hi Mike!) built the thing for me. The only thing I knew from that list was "keyboard" and I know that cause it is currently the thing that catches my crumbs. Low fat crumbs, I should point out.

It's going to be so nice to be able to edit pictures in Photoshop AND listen to iTunes without the system giving up and "encountering an error, would you like to send a report" cause two things at once is just too hard.

Then this computer will become the property of my kids, and then it will really LIVE. Like the last time when I let my boys use the computer and my ten year old googled "big boobs."

I bleached his eyes, and we had ourselves a talk.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I have been hesitant to blog about this one, I think the mixture of me knowing I am a total and complete IDIOT, and also the cold fear of "What if" has been the reason.

I guess all mom's make mistakes, and maybe my experience can make you a little more careful with your own kids.

I was upstairs working in my studio on some projects, I had the window open, cause we had a heat wave and it felt like it was 100 degrees outside. The breeze felt good.

The kids were gone to school, Mikayla downstairs watching a movie, and freshly fed. I had a good couple of hours to work on stuff.

I cranked the music and dug in.

After a while, not sure how long, I came down to the kitchen to get a drink. I hollered at Mikayla. No answer. So I went to the TV room to check on her, and she was gone. I search the house. Nothing. No big deal, she must have went outside. So I get a drink, and go outside to look for her.

The neighborhood is really quiet. I can't hear any kids playing outside. (Most of them are in school.) So I start at her usual places. The next door neighbor, the neighbor across the street, the one around the corner. Nothing.

I walk across the street to see if I can see her at the school, on the playground.

Now I am starting to worry.

I am calling her, and listening for any sound.

Finally I hear a tiny sound. Almost like a kitten, mewing and muffled. And I look, and see some motion. Mikayla is stuck inside my Suburban! Mind you, it was 100 degrees the window were rolled up, it was like a furnace in that thing.

Her poor little face was beet red, and she was covered in sweat. Her cheeks were tear-stained, but she was so exhausted she had long stopped crying. I brought her in and pumped her full of Gatorade, and just rocked her and hugged her, and of course over and over again berated myself for being such a crappy mom.

It was a rough week, to think about what could have happened.

She went out to get her Polly Pocket dolls she left in the Suburban. The door shut, and she couldn't get it back open. I told her if she ever got stuck in a car again, to crawl into the front seat and honk the horn until someone came.

And we lock up now, so she can't get in herself.

Please sit your kids down and talk to them. Sometimes car doors are heavy for even the older ones. (Especially when they have been slightly munched like mine.)

Monday, September 10, 2007


I guess they like me.

My new design team. I did some work, and e-mailed it in late last night. This morning, there was no response from them.

I was imagining the scenario:

"Yeah, this isn't going to work. YOU call her."
"No way, let's draw straws..."
"Are we going to ask for the machine back?"
"Of course we are! That is a $400.00 machine!"
"Okay, I will call her, but YOU have to ask for the machine back."

My new design team?
QuicKutz, and more specifically The Silhouette.

How lucky am I? I didn't want to announce anything until I was sure they were okay with my stuff. They e-mailed back, and said it works for them. YAY!

Karma is starting to make up for my crappy birthday.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

already skinnier.

Saturday I joined Weight Watchers.

I figure I needed to be accountable to someone else for my weight to be successful. I am always too nice to myself...I have a hard day, and have EARNED that chocolate cake. Yes! And as much as you want too, because you gathered alllll the laundry.

So now I have to weigh in every week, and pay my 12 bucks, and wouldn't it be embarrassing and also a waste of money if I didn't lose each week?

I hope it works. I am ready for a change. I wear a size 1-2. Although some folks pronounce that "twelve."

The office is located conveniently in a strip mall right next to Little Caesars Pizza. So sometimes during the meetings, you know, when they are bearing their testimony of the goodness of cabbage with a light and fat-free vinaigrette, the smell of hot pepperoni and cheese laden pizza wafts in through the cracks in the wall. Awesome location for that pizza joint. I think they even have brown bags at the door for your head, if you want to order right after your weigh-in, incognito like.

On the table in the meeting room, they have different convenience foods out on a table that are low in points. We had to laugh a little, cause they are just the boxes or cans, not real food. I am pretty sure in the past they have had some poor lady melt-down right there on the carpet and tear into those uncooked noodles like a starved animal.

After my initial meeting, the instructor left, and there were these fall recipes all around the room. My friend and I were writing the recipes down. I looked around the room to find something to write on, and grabbed this bookmark from a box full of bookmarks off of the desk. I wrote the Pumpkin Spice cookie recipe on it.

Later that evening when I was reading some of the material they gave us, I noticed the rewards and recognition they do at the meetings. When you lose 10 percent of your body weight, you get a brass keyring. Cheesy, but when I think of losing that 10 percent, I bet that keyring will mean something. I WANT THAT KEYRING!

Heck, they even give you a reward for making it ONE WEEK.

Guess what it is? A bookmark.

The one I stole.

Friday, September 07, 2007

so glad this week is over.

I have been busy.

Here are some numbers:
30- room mom's called by me. 2, I am still waiting to hear back from, but 28 accepted. Some politely declined, so I have made 36 phone calls total.

2-PTA meetings.

13- loads of laundry (and counting...)

5- bathrooms scrubbed.

2- Design team meetings.

1- new design team! (See how I slipped that in there?)

6- trips to the grocery store. (2 of those in the same day...ugh)

4- dinners prepared by me. (unless you count pizza being delivered--I mean I did call it in.)

20- lunches packed. (four kids, five days a week.)

15- layouts and projects finished for the Home Shopping Network for Karen Foster.

4- RAK's mailed out.

1- lunch at BMC West (a lumber supplier) my Dad is a contractor and invited us to come along to their company barbecue as his "crew" I think that is the only place in the world I can turn heads now...and only because I was one of the only women, and quite possibly the only one there wearing a clean shirt. And deoderant.

1- gas tank.

0- naps.

5- kids. (still.)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And also...

...I once broke up with a boy because he had a lot of chest hair.

I was in high school. And chest hair was, well, gross. We went jet-skiing, and he took off his shirt, and I was like: "See ya."

Told you I was kinda mean in my dating years.


My oldest is 11 years old. It seems like he is a teenager sometimes. He is moody. He is really moody. For the most part, he is a good kid, but sometimes I look at him and have to fight the desire to kick him in the face.

Now that I have a pre-teen boy of my own, I remember how mean I was to boys when I was younger.

I grew up in a family of all girls. I had four sisters, so we are all a bit naive in the male department. Not a lot of experience, and less for me, being the oldest.

I remember in particular this boy I dated.

The above photo is of me at that age, but the boy I am with in the photo is Howard Jones...more about that in a later post.

Back then I was working at a credit union as a teller, and my mom called me one day to come home for lunch. "There is the cutest boy here, cleaning the carpets." I am not sure at that age if it was very cool for me to think that my mom was checking guys out. I mean, she married my dad for Pete sake. No teenager thinks that their Dad is hot. He is just a Dad. I was skeptical of my Mom, and her definition of "really cute." So I came home for lunch, more out of curiosity than anything.

Well, she was right--the Nice-N-Clean carpet boy was very good looking.

I made myself a grilled cheese, and then casually asked THE BOY if he would like one.
He said yes. (!) And when he answered yes, HE HAD AN ACCENT!
Ooooo boy. Nothing sexier than an accent. He was English and the mystery of being a foreigner made him all the more appealing.
We talked a bit over our grilled cheese sandwiches, and eventually he asked for my phone number, and that weekend he called and we went out.

He picked me up on a motorcycle. (!) He thoughtfully brought me a helmet and everything, and he wore this leather jacket that smelled so good when I leaned in close to him on the bike.

I thought I might be in love.

That first date, I don't remember what we did. I do remember listening to him talk, just so I could hear him talk, with that beautiful accent.

We dated a few more times. With each passing date I got a little more bored. He didn't have a car, and that motorcycle thing got really old. What was the point of teasing my 80's bangs up only to have them smooshed under a helmet? I don't think he had much money, because we never went anywhere nice. Back to his house to play games with his family, or occasionally out for a burger.

Finally one night he dropped me off, and rode off on his motorcycle. I saw him hit the gravel at the end of my block, and wobble, and then go down. I hurried inside the house and shut the door. I wanted to give him his pride. To let him think I hadn't seen him wreck on the bike. He wasn't going very fast after all, and I was sure he wasn't injured. A few minutes later, he knocked at the door. He had a small scrape on his elbow, and his jeans were dusty. THE BOY was looking for sympathy, and he found me. I was irritated and completely unimpressed. I guess I was looking for a macho guy. A guy who no matter how badly he was injured in this scenario would risk limping home to save their pride. I knew we had to break up.

I turned him down the next time he called. And the next. We never dated again. I still think about him though, especially now that I have boys of my own. I wonder if they will date girls like the young me. Or I wonder if they will find a girl with a little more compassion, maybe less judgmental.

I am glad I have a few years before I have to think about it. The cruelties of dating--from the parent's perspective.

And by the way, I admit my mom does have good taste, my Dad is pretty hot, you know--for a Dad.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Terribly sorry to have made you all wait for the FABULOUS drawing! I know you probably haven't been able to go about your daily business from all the refreshing/checking the blog here. HA!

I ended up just printing the comments, and had Mikayla draw seven of them. Blame her if you are not in the winners circle. I wish I could send you all a little something. I so enjoyed all the comments. You made my crappy day a little less crappy.

So with much anticipation, I give you the random winners! I will need you guys to e-mail me with your addresses, okay?

Wendy Inman
Amy B
Jennifer (not Stewart, dang! Although I probably have some rabbit feed to send you ;))
Susan Seriously

Thanks again everyone! Maybe this will make up for the non-weiners. A free cell-phone ring tone site. Download a little 80's goodness or something. HERE.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The birthday report.

Big sigh.

Birthdays suck turd, don't they? Unless you are five, or sixteen and dying to get your Drivers' licence( ...except if you are from Idaho, then you have had it ever since the parents could use a phone book for you to reach the pedals on the farm truck DAD!!...but here I am off topic.)

I think the whole thing was just bad timing. I was prepping for the big baptism day for the twins. And very stressed. Which, by the way, did you know that if you are NOT a list maker, and DO NOT write your to-do list down, then quite literally your brain can't stop recycling all your tasks. Therefore, you are unable to relax and shut your brain off? Someone did some study on it. I am not a list maker. But I went straight out and got a planner for my mind-dump. (off topic tidbit number two...if you are keeping track.

So at this stressing. The house cleaning, the painting, the planning of the luncheon...Sam decided to volunteer to go into work to make up some time. So, he worked a grave-yard shift the night before my birthday. We made plans for the next day, to go to lunch together, finish up the projects and he offered to help me clean the house. Sounds good, right?

I stayed up late that night, doing stuff to the house. Now before you start thinking, MAN, that lady must live in a pit- remember we took on some new projects. The first of which is the gallery wall.

It doesn't look like much, but this was one of those, "this shouldn't take long" projects that actually drags on and on like a ninja movie with dubbed in sub-titles.

Sam helped me with the first couple of frames, and left me on my own with a couple of levels. I am from the school of "eyeball it til it looks right" I think it looks pretty good.

So fast forward to my birthday.

Sam wakes the kids up, and I am thinking YAY! he is going to let me sleep in. With a naive smile on my face, I roll over. Oh no. He wakes me, so I have the privilege of doing Shiannes hair. So now I am up, and the kids are off, and where is Sam? Oh yeah, back asleep with his pillow wrapped around his head.

So I start in on the painting. There is patching (I know how to use orange-peel spray now) and sanding (my arms still hurt) lots of painting, and putting IKEA furniture together. And taking care of Mikayla in between. Sam is still sleeping.

He slept until 1:19. I know this because I was starving. Cause remember he was taking me to lunch? And I turned down an offer to go with a girl friend of mine, to wait for him. So he started puttering around the house, inspecting my work. And I finished off Mikayla's spaghetti-O's in the kitchen.

I was lit. I am telling you, if that man had a tee-time for 8am, he would have sprung out of bed, and miraculously not been tired, but since it was my dumb old birthday, you know, he was tiiiired.

So now the day is pretty much shot, and the kids are due home in a couple of hours. He knew he was in the dog-house, so he went around silently and did jobs. I had to leave, and pick up some stuff for the next day at Costco, and Walmart. When I came back, that man was cleaning out the garage! Holy crap. And he had also cleaned out the laundry room, and the coat closet. You know CAUSE THOSE ARE PLACES OUR GUESTS WILL SEE! Never mind that the kids rooms needed cleaning beyond straightening up the stuffed animals. The bathrooms needed to be scrubbed. The kitchen wasn't even close to being clean. And that man, honestly thought the garage needed to be spiffed up? It is making me mad again to type it.

So basically I worked like a dog, my whole birthday long, and finally fell into bed exhausted at 2:00 am.

Here are the things I will give him credit for(cause occasionally he reads this):
Taking the kids out to pick me a present.
Picking me up some Cafe Rio Pork Salad for dinner.
Buying me a barbecue grill!
Buying me a new car CD player (which was incidentally purchased before the pole accident, now we are not so sure "Old Blue" is worthy of a new stereo)
Finally pulling it all out in the end. But on his time-table.
Oh and:
The full body massage.
Taking the kids camping, and insisting that I stay home and read my new book.
A day off. No cooking. Getting up to do hair, or homework.

Cause all those are forth-coming, right? Honey? I mean, now that the garage is clean, it should free up some time for him.

About the only thing that made me smile the whole day were the e-mails and blog comments that trickled in. So thanks you guys! For making me happy. I will be doing the drawing tomorrow sometime, and will need to collect the addresses of the winners, so stay tuned for that.

And part-two...The Birthday Report Make-up/ Redemption Day.