Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Y'all be good while I'm gone.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

some trade-show layouts

Just a quick post, sharing some of the new stuff from Karen Foster Design. This is debuting, well, right now...at CHA. Some fun stuff, I really liked working with all the new lines this time.
Except the Bird Hunting line (not shown). Dead birds really aren't my thing. But it is a really good Dead Bird line, if you have dead bird pictures kicking around dying to be scrapbooked...<----really bad humor, so with that...I am off to take a nap.

Friday, July 20, 2007

papaya puree medium

Was the color of Prism cardstock I used to match the paint for this room.
HA! So handy to have a cardstock swatchbook. Sometimes scrapbooking comes in handy in other areas of my life.

Yesterday I painted the bathroom, took a quick run to Ikea for the photo frames, Costco for the enlargements, Wal-mart for the shower curtain and now I have a happy, bright, very bright bathroom.

Very bright. Did I mention bright?

Sam wants to know who else has an orange bathroom. Anyone?

The funny part about the bathroom, is that I had that poster of "The Doors of Puerto Rico" in the cupboard since our trip there. I carefully hand-carried it home, so it wouldn't get bent or mangled. I sort-of forgot about it, and then yesterday I realized that it might look good in the bright bathroom. Well, as luck would have it, it is a weird size for framing. No mats would fit it either.

So I took that thing to the sewing machine. I stitched the perimeter of the poster to the backside of the paper that came in the frame. I don't know that anyone would know the difference. Zig-zag stitched right in there. Go look.

Anyway, the bathroom needs a few more odds and ends.

Like maybe a decorative basket full of sun-glasses.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I bought these rechargeable batteries at Walmart, and inside the package there was this coupon for ten free prints when you upload them online and pick them up at the store. So I saved it. Cause, hey...ten free prints.

I used to get all my prints at Walmart. That was before Costco moved in, with the churros, and the cheaper prints, and the girls working in the photo lab who are actually nice.

No offense to Walmart, and Walmart photo lab workers, but really, I felt like everytime I dealt with the folks at my store, it was a battle of wills. They would somehow lose the order, print it wrong, or make me sign a photographers release form. And it seems like they always have a chip on their shoulder, like they are working a menial minimum-wage job or something. Also there were a couple of times that I got alllll the way home, and looked at the photos, and they were another family. Or someones pet. Argh.

Costco was an answer to my infrequent prayers.

But I had a coupon.

And I needed to go to Walmart anyway, so I uploaded, the computer went offline, I uploaded again...ordered. And now, I can't find the @$%# coupon.

All this for a savings of $1.90. Sometimes, if I weren't myself, I would be so mad at myself that I would write mean things about me on this blog.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

hello Maui.

Looks like we are heading out on a little trip.
Taking the kids. Like idiots.

Not enough time for me to lose weight or anything. Sigh.
They still wear Mu-mu's, don't they?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

what i did saturday and incidentally ruined my sunday.

Since we have traveled a bit in the last year or two, I have come to realize how lucky we are to live right next to such beautiful mountains. It is funny how you take for granted the things that make your "home" unique. We have friends that live close to the beach in California, and rarely go. We think they are crazy!

I think that is just how it is, that you know those things are always there, and living that close, you don't think often of how cool it really is. And maybe that whole last paragraph was just a rambling sleep-deprived mess. (We'll get to that one later.) Anyway, Saturday we took the Jeeps up to Mary Ellen Gulch, up American Fork Canyon. The trail is only accessible via off-road vehicles, and it really is beautiful.

Wild trees, wildlife, wild-flowers, wild kids....

It takes it all out of you, the whole jeeping thing. Plum tuckers you right out.

So needless to say, we were all exhausted. Sam had to work graveyards that night, so we busted home, and sent him off, and the kids and I fully planned (well, mom fully planned...) on going to bed early, at least by ten. And another half-hour would pass, and another, and another...until finally it was midnight.

All the kids haphazardly tossed around my bedroom in sleeping bags, giggling until we all fell asleep.

Just when I hit that good deep sleep, I hear Jayden asking Brendan what was wrong. And Brendan, very quietly sobbing into his pillow.

I am ashamed to admit. But I was so stinking tired that I was mad! Mad that every single night I get woken up for something. Just. One. Night. I would like to sleep!! I don't do well tired. So I get up, and check it out. Well, he has an earache. A bad one, and the poor thing has been suffering for two hours trying to sleep it off. Yes, if you are doing the math, it is about 2:30 am. So I give him some Advil, and we wait it out, all the while him writhing in pain...

Finally I can see that I have nothing to help him, so we load up, and haul over to the emergency room. After the traditional hour and a half wait, we get hooked up with antibiotics and...get this...Lortab. For my nine year old. I feel like quite the heel then, when the doctor assures me that he is in a whole lot of pain. The infection was horrible. The doctor was quacky, and I could go on and on about the emergency room doctors we have here, but that is a whole 'nother post. Brendan takes the meds and zonks on the way home. So now I have 70 pounds of dead weight to haul into the house. That was fun.

Poor kid slept until 1:30. He is feeling better. But, I, on the other hand, feel like the walking dead. I am going to bed early tonight.

Even if I have to drug the children. I will let you know how that goes.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Takin' you back to the 80's.

Monday, July 09, 2007

from this month's glamour magazine

And I quote: (cause I think the scan is too crappy and small to read)
*edited to add, if you click on the image, it magically enlarges to full size, but here is the text anyway...*

"FANNY PACKS. Your votes are in: Trends may come and go, but the fanny pack, like scrunchies, and exposed thongs, will always be a DON'T."

Ah. Crap.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

just not cool.

This is how ridiculous I look when I am trying to be cool.

Pointing out that the sunglasses are Dolce and Gabbana. And um, yeah...we found them. I generally stock up on my glasses at the Dollar Tree. But, I thought these would spruce up the fanny pack ensemble. No?

Yeah, I don't think so either. And the worst part, is when I wear them, I have "My Humps" running through my head all day.

They treat me really nicely,
They buy me all these icees.
Dolce and Gabbana,
Fendi and then Donna
Karan, they be sharin
All their money got me wearin

Plus I look like a fly. But they are awesome for going jeeping. They keep all the dust out. Much like my mom's blue-blockers, or those disposable sunglasses they give you when you get your eyes dilated.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

a new era

Here I am posting, the next day after a post...

What is up with that?

I took in the fireworks last night, which I gotta say, were AWESOME! My little one-horse town has grown, and dumped some serious cash into the pyrotechnics piggy bank. Every year they get better and better. Makes me that much more willing to ignore the pot-holes, and constant trains that rumble through allll niiight looong blowing their ear piercing whistles. Whoa, off-track, aren't I? (no pun intended)

Anyway, the fireworks. Now, as I mentioned earlier, I took some really great firework photos two years ago with my Canon 20d. And as you know, I recently purchased a little point and shoot- a Canon Power Shot, the A710is, to be precise. And it has a plethora(<---reference to Three Amigos) of automatic functions, one of which happens to be a "fireworks" mode. So, I thought I would give that bad boy a shot. (again, no pun intended)

Remembering that two years ago, when I pert-near missed the whole fireworks show, what with futzing around with my aperture and exposure, the cable release and tripod, I was a little hesitant about just lifting the camera up, and pressing a button. Granted it took some skillz to time it, I pressed the button when I hear the Boom! of the cannon, and hoped that the exposure was long enough to catch the sparkle of the firework. But really, that was it. Just pushing a button, folks.

It seemed like cheating. Especially when the photos came back, sans tripod,and dare I say...better than the 20d? These are unedited and straight from the camera. I am pretty impressed here.

And the best part, was Jayden reminding me that the camera has a video record mode. And I filmed the whole Grand Finale! Yes, I can have fireworks now, all year long. And if I am technically savvy enough, I will link it here, for you all too.

I am wondering then, when photography stops becoming an art. When any average Joe can pick up a point and shoot and produce professional looking photos? Where it doesn't matter if you have the right "eye" for the shot, cause you can just crop it later. That it is not a problem if the picture is horribly underexposed, or that there is a tree limb shooting out of your child's head, cause you can just photoshop it all better. It's a different world we live in. Bittersweet.

I remember poring through the pages of National Geographic and marveling at the photography there. Still in the days of film, when it was all a little dark-room tweaking, fabulous equipment, and raw talent. I am sad that era has passed.

But...it is secretly nice to be able to just push a button.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

And for my Canadian friends, Happy belated Canada Day! And to the rest of my international friends, you will need to leave a comment, and educate me on your celebrations. I did not do well in whatever class was supposed to teach me those things.

But do you like my shirt?

Taking the Jeeps up the mountain for a picnic. I made potato salad, coleslaw and barbecued beef brisket. I know my kids will want nothing to do with any of that, so I am bringing a Costco sized bag of Doritos, and five multi-vitamins. Cause I am concerned about their nutrition like that.

Then later, the big fireworks show. I got some really great firework photos two years ago, and I just keep re-using those suckers, which makes it nice for me to just lay back and enjoy the show, without my camera.

Hope everyone has a safe holiday!

Monday, July 02, 2007


Well, hey.

So here is how my week is starting out. I am in the middle of "project laundry room organization" and as you know, we have that new IKEA, and I bought a system that I think is really going to work for us. There is a deep bin for each of my kids, that slide into a rail system to keep it all neat.

I bought- let me see if this will link:

Anyway, I am sure you will all be asking me to post pictures, and I will, when the thing gets done. And maybe, if you are lucky, I will also pose with my fanny pack. Won't that be a stunning visual delight? Stayed tuned for that.

So back to my crappy Monday.

All weekend long, I busted heinie getting my laundry back to a managable task. And dang! if I wasn't *almost* caught up. I mean, really caught up. Bedding and everything. Towels. All that stuff. Busted hump here. Alllll weekend long.

So Monday, I wake up to Mikayla tapping me in the forehead.
(Whispering..)"Mommy, are you waked up?"
"Mommy, I pee-pee'd in my bed."
And really, that would have been enough to make me not want to get out of bed, cause you know, the laundry WAS CAUGHT UP EIGHT HOURS AGO. But no, not only did she pee the bed (which included her bedspread, blanket, sheets, and several stuffed animals.)