Friday, June 30, 2006

The year was 1987

My mom told me I would regret it, but I so, so wanted "feathered sides." My aunt is a hairdresser, I set up the appointment for a cut and a perm and spent my own babysitting money to go back to Junior High in style. Apparently with a mullet.

I kept it for a little over a year, and then started the grueling process of "growing out" layers. I have never had layers again since...I remember it being so awful, and those metal barettes everyday.

Notice the pink/blue eyeshadow combination too. Thank you Maybelline.

We can talk about the outfit. It was a one-piece, crop pant jump-suit. It was my favorite. I wore it once a week. I could hardly wait to wear it again( ....oooo, its almost been five days....I can wear it on Tuesday again...! ) It had matching pink jelly shoes with a bit of a high heel. Tres Chic!

It looks as though I am without the token white beads on picture day, which is unfortunate, I vaguely remember struggling on picture day with my Windmere Skinny Mini curling iron, and the Aqua-net--which probably made me just late enough to not be able to hunt for the beads.

Clip-on earrings....check. (you could not get your ears pierced in my house unless you were the wisened age of 16)

I still had the mole then. On my lower right cheek. To my horror and dis-belief, in the tenth grade I found a (gasp!) small white hair growing by the mole. In my desperate disgust, I took the Lady Bic and shaved it....and the mole right off of my face.

The mole never grew back, but the hairs did. Boy, did they ever. When you hit your 30's, the tweezers are a daily necessity.

My mom warned me about that, the tweezing, she has a sweet magnifying mirror that makes it easier for her to see the stray whiskers now. I am sure I will need one too. I should listen to her more often, she told me I would regret the haircut too...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A good reason to learn English

A great reason to learn English, really.

If you look like is probably best to choose a shirt other than one emblazoned with "Athletic Department."

Monday, June 26, 2006

Major stuff.

A few months ago, a house in our neighborhood sold for what Sam and I thought was an insane amount of money. So we got a little giddy at the thoughts of "what if we sold out house for that amount?!!" The excitement lasted for about six minutes, when we priced how much it is for a building lot now.

We could sell, and then every penny we sold for, plus the remaining amount we could dig out of our change compartments in the cars, and couch cushions would barely buy us a building lot.
With no home on it.

So, we decided to add onto our house.
We are taking the roof off, adding another level, and slapping the old roof back on.

I will be excited when it is done, its the doing that is going to make for a long summer. We will have three full days of my kitchen/living room being completely exposed. Completely--meaning I could sunbathe naked on my kitchen counter. No roof. We will be taking a gamble that there isn't going to be any rain, or pooping birds. Not to mention the fact, that when we had the crane man come look at the roof, he offered the optimistic observation that since our ceilings are vaulted, the whole roof may just collapse when we attempt to crane it off. Something about the trusses not meant to be bottom load-bearing. That is quite the thought.

I have to keep reminding myself that I am getting a new studio out of the deal...

So, the past couple of nights, Sam has been knocking down sheetrock. The entire perimeter of the roofline has to be opened up, so we can unhook all the electrical, and unhook the roof itself. My whole house is covered with sheetrock dust. We are committed now. Its a scary feeling.

One long summer, folks.

On a side note, back a few months ago I was invited to submit to contest sponsored by Krylon. The spray-paint people! It was loftily called the Paper Arts Designers Challenge. At the last minute I entered a layout. More out of I would have felt guilty for not at least trying.

Well, lo and behold, I get an e-mail today saying I took second place in the darn thing. $200.00, better than a kick in the shorts!

It might come in handy if we need a new roof.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Who doesn't love a PARADE

Such a great parade this year, it was looooong. And *we* measure the success of a parade by how many pieces of candy/frisbees/free coupons the kids catch. Very successful for the Wadley kids this year. I think my legs are sunburned.

We are off to the carnival! There will be pictures...oh yes...great stock photo ops.

Happy Round-up!

Friday, June 23, 2006


Who knew I would love the Rodeo? Ya know why? Cause I had my camera, and got some totally kick-butt shots. I like to have "stock" photos on hand, in case I need to do a Cowboy page or whatever. So I ventured to the Rodeo with the family. I go back tonight, Sam and I are flipping burgers at the snack bar! HA! Our church volunteered for community anyway, free nachos for me.

Love the photo.

Can you just see the conversation going on in his head?

<----- By the way, we were told by the Rodeo announcer that this kid is Chris LeDeoux's son. Not being a country fan, I am not sure if that was just a lie, but there ya go.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Old Fashioned FUN

This week is our town's celebration week. "Lehi Round-Up" week, which ends with a large rodeo, at least I think it is large. I am soooo not a rodeo person, so I really can't compare it. I did go on a date once to a National Finals Rodeo. I guess it was a big deal. I just remember how hard the benches were, and how bad I felt for the little calves in the calf-roping part.

Poor little guys, the gate opens, and they see, smell and taste freedom...running as fast as their little hooves can carry them, and next thing you know--they are flat on their backs with their legs tied up. Humiliation. I don't even know the point of that.

So, they have been having different events at the local museum, and park, and I have been trying to hit most of them with the kids. Yesterday they had demonstrations from the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. They taught my kids how to make duck calls with a drinking straw. (Thanks for that.) They had old-fashioned games and displays. The kids loved it.

Tomorrow night is the "poop parade," it is actually a stock parade, but my kids consider it a highlight when a gallant horse ( tail intricately braided with shining tassels) carrying a Fair Rodeo Royalty Maiden (how is their hair so BIG?!) stops to take a huge steaming dump. Some of the parade participants throw wrapped tootsie rolls and salt water taffy. That is such a great idea, considering the condition of the streets.....And the best part of the parade is at the end when the big city pooper scooper truck comes down the street with rotating brushes and sprays/splatters poo, then sucks it up into holding tanks. The kids dig that.

Thursday night. Good times had by all. And then Sam takes the kids to the rodeo. I have been once, and that was enough for me. So I am looking forward to a quiet evening without the rest of the fam.

Friday and Saturday there is a traditional parade with floats and marching bands and various city groups waving from decked out vintage cars. I love that. I love the sounds of the marching bands. I love seeing kids pulling wagons, selling ice cold pop for scout fundraisers. I love seeing friends I went to high school with, sitting with their own kids--carrying on tradition.

Monday, June 19, 2006

For pete sake

I haven't posted for a bit, and the picture doesn't really have a whole lot to do with this post, other than it is of Sam, and once again, I am venting about his weird behavior. Plus, I learned some cool things in PS, and thought this turned out cool. Anyhoo...

So we were sitting in church yesterday, and we have the AWFUL 9:00 meeting time, which is horrid for us, getting all the kids ready when we are a house full of non-morning folks.

Sam leans over to me and says something, and dude. His breath could have, I dunno, knocked me over. I was seriously on the verge of dry-heaving. So I scrunch up my nose and back away. And I tell him his breath is bad. Now, I am not going to criticize someone unless I have something to help them with. I had gum in the purse. And I certainly didn't want him going on the rest of the day randomly offending people. I do love him.

He gets all huffy and offended! He says "No, it doesn't" (meaning his breath doesn't stink) And I say "Uh, yeah--it so does." And he said (can't believe it still) "There is no way it stinks, I brushed."

Seriously. He truly believes that a mere brushing solves all hygiene evils.

So we proceed to argue. (At a reasonable distance from my nose) And he finally accepts a piece of gum, reluctantly, very reluctantly, cause he still thinks I am making the whole bad breath thing up. Whatev.

My grandma said to me many years ago, "honey, if someone offers you a breath mint, or gum, ALWAYS take it."

Good advice.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sometimes a few bucks goes a long way.

A few years ago my boys were really into Matchbox cars, they still are, but not to the extent they were those few years ago. They took them everywhere, I was constantly digging them out of the dryer after I heard the clunk, clunk, clunk. They took them into the bathtub with them-- and one fateful day, they were mocking Nascar and driving them around and around on the toilet seat lid. One of the more unfortunate race participants had no wheels, and as a result left deep gougy scratches around the lid of the toilet seat.

For the last few years, I have tried every cleaner available to man to keep those gouges clean. Cleanser, Bleach toilet cleaner, recently--Magic Clean erasers. When those scratches get dirty, the whole bathroom looks dingy. I have struggled with it for years.

Yesterday, while at Walmart, I looked into getting a new toilet seat. Just pricing them, mind you--for the wonderful gratuitous day when I would replace the bane of my existance. Guess what? To my shock and horror, a brand new gouge-free toilet seat was.....five dollars. FIVE BUCKS?!! I have spent more on cleaning supplies for the piece of crap (no pun intended) that I own now, than I would have spent REPLACING it years ago. Five dollars. I think I have more than that in the cushions of my couch. I bought two of them. Just cause I could. It looks so nice.

Even Mikayla was happy. This morning she woke up and said "mommy, remember our new toilet seat?" HA!

Sadly, I have done this a lot in my life.

Once I had a curling iron, that the plastic thumb thingie fell off. Everytime I used it, it burned my thumb. I got smart, and wrapped it with a bandaid (melted after a while), toilet paper(wouldn't stay put), and then electricians tape. Then I realized that a new curling iron was eight dollars. I figured I was worth 8 bucks, but not until two skin grafts later...

When my kids were potty training, and they had an accident that fell in the #2 category, I remember soaking and scrubbing those little power ranger undies. I hated that. And they never came clean. And then it dawned on me that I could pick up a four pack for five bucks. So after that I chucked them. It was so worth the dollar to not have to touch poop.

And mis-matched socks. I have a whole bin of them. I know this sounds crazy--but I threw it away. The whole bin. Cause you know what? A six pack of socks is like four dollars. MY TIME is not worth the sock bin. And everyone loves new socks anyway.

So people at VISA, if you are reading this, soon there will be a charge from Walmart for something insane like $25.00. I am in a mood.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Random thoughts for a Wednesday.

I don't think there is a worse song out there than "Roxanne" by the Police. It is so screechy and stupid it makes my ears bleed. And the station I like plays it every day. And that "You had a bad day" song that they killed forever overplaying it on American Idol.

I love Magic Clean erasers. They work on everything.

Those leaf-blower things are stupid. A neighbor (not you Mark) used one to clean his yard of grass clippings and related yard gunk, blew it all out in the road, and called it a day. Awesome. Unless you live across the street and a small breeze comes along...

Thank You cards are kinda stupid. You give someone a gift, cause you want to--you are thinking of them for their birthday, or new baby or whatever, they say thanks, and then a few days later you get a Thank You card in the mail for the gift. WTH? Are you supposed to send them a Thank You card for sending you a Thank You card?

If I get invited to another Pampered Chef/Shade Clothing/Taste of Home party I am going to scream.

Except for Magic Clean erasers...geez, I guess I am in a bad mood. Hmmm, well, I guess I will go drink a Mountain Dew and call this a day.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's our anniversary!

Twelve years ago today, I married my Sam.

Most of the time I don't regret it. ;)

It seems like the longer you are married, the more you actually love each other, and appreciate real, true love. I thought I loved Sam twelve years ago, and I was giddy/happy/excited that I got to "hang out" with him 24/7.

After 12 years, it becomes so much deeper. So many things we have gone through together. I couldn't live without his support, advice, and sense of humor.

I am not really sure how he puts up with me half the time, but I am grateful that he does.

So, Sam, if you ever read this-I love you! Thank you for taking a chance on me, and on us. Thank you for not being too "manly" to use a curling iron. Thank you for knowing how to fix sprinkler pipes. Thank you for turning a blind eye to the stretch marks, cellulite, and floors that need mopping. Thank you for all the big things, and all the little things.

Here's to the next dozen years--I hope they bring us just as much happiness as the first 12 have. (maybe more money..HA!)

Thursday, June 08, 2006


“It’s hard to be positive when your fat pants are tight.”

Sigh…. I haven’t blogged lately about the whole gym thing. I still haven’t lost any weight. Frankly, I am getting tired of the “you must be gaining muscle” thing from supportive well-wishers. I don’t want muscle. I just want to take up less space in this world, and for pete living sake NOTHING fits anymore.

I don’t know what it going on. I feel like I am trapped in a spiraling vortex. I eat less, I exercise, and I am getting bigger. But, I am not giving up! I am waiting for that magical day when my body decides it doesn’t need to hold on to all the food storage I am carrying around. I hope no one is behind me on the treadmill when that happens.

I went clothes shopping yesterday, cause I am tired of looking like crap, while I am feeling like crap. I found a few cute things while dragging five kids around—three of which are boys that were completely mortified to be within touching distance of the bra section. Heh, heh.

Shopping is depressing.

Here is my problem(s). I have no chest, so scoop/ and or plunging necklines are right out. I have no waist. Truly. My babies just slide all the way down my torso when I try to “hip” them. So tighter shirts are just eh…I have a slab of bread-dough where my abs should be that comes around on both sides of my hips, so low riders make me have the proverbial “muffin” top. Arm flab. Did I mention that too? Yeah, so these teeny tiny tight tee shirts cinch me off at the armpit like a tourniquet.

It is darn hard work to find things that look flattering on me.

I finally found a cute vintage tee-shirt, not too tight, a little bit of a sleeve, long enough to cover the “muffin” very simple-- with a single leaf on it, and embroidered around it was the word “fresh.” I thought it was a complete score. Until I took it home and showed Sam, to which he replied: “Nice, honey—that is a marijuana leaf.”

I guess its going back today.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I don't mean to brag....but....

it was a good mail day. :)

The fabulous people at Karen Foster(thank you, thank you, thank you!!!) decided that the design team may as well have a bunch of Karen Foster product "on hand" to design with--to submit to magazines with, and to just generally use.

I don't know if they have anything left in the warehouse.

I am so overwhelmed, and grateful beyond belief. Amazing what a few BOLTS of ribbon, a rainbow of yummy Prism cardstock and hundreds of embellishment packages can do for the happiness level of the average SAHM.

Not to mention the SeatCase and Carry-all and Fold-n-Go to help store it all. (loving the new Ocean Mist color...)

Someone pinch me....I am such a lucky girl!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

SCHOOOOL's out for summer!

Shayne: Look at me Mom, I'm freeeeeeeeeeee!! (running wildly across the lawn, after arriving home on the last day of school)

I have to admit--even after being out of school for um, a lot of years, I still get that excited feeling on the last day.

The freedom.

But, it's a little different as a mom. Although I am thrilled to not have to make lunches, or correct homework, or listen (and daydream) through 20 minutes of reading per kid, per night...

I will miss the break. The guilt-free "me" time. Mikayla and I just got down a good SAHM(and toddler) routine.

We'll just have to adapt to a new system. One that includes the school(less) kids, a little chore-time, a lot of play time, and throw in a bit of stay up late and sleep in even later, and I think we will adjust well.

Just don't call us before 10 am..

Friday, June 02, 2006

Week-end plans.

Look what I got....nah, nah, nah....Cactus Pink goodies! A whole box! This isn't even all of the ribbon, not to mention the chipboard and paper and the rub-ons. I have a whole bunch of ideas floating around in my head (---maybe its just the Dayquil talkin.')

I have a horrid head-cold. My eyeballs feel like they are bulging out, and my teeth hurt. Ugh.

I better feel better soon, cause Sam is taking the boys on a Father/Son over-nighter, and me and the girls want to do a serious Mother/Daughter scrap session.

But even if we don't get a lot done, the boys will still be gone...and I think my head will feel a whole lot better without the usual background noise....;)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mikayla gives me these courtesy smiles now.

It's all she can muster anymore.

Poor thing has had a camera in her face since the minute she was born. I think her face is just plain tired.