Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Just like that (snap fingers)

..we are back home!

Time flies even when you are doing nothing, especially when you are enjoying yourself by doing nothing.

I gave my new digital camera a good run. I can't believe I haven't blogged about it! I bought it for myself after Martha Stewart snubbed me over her dumb scrapbook contest. I bought a Canon PowerShot A710 IS. It is little, and does pretty well for a point and shoot. I was getting tired of carrying around the 20D for small events. It sure does eat up batteries, but they are only AA's, so no big.

In other news....
My pile of laundry is very wide and very tall.
Our guinea pig is still alive after fending for herself for almost a week.
Something stinks in the house, we think it is in the kitchen.
I had a huge box of goodies from Bo Bunny Press waiting for me on my porch.
I had a few assignment in my e-mail inbox.
I am a few pounds heavier.
But...I am relaxed and refreshed. In spite of being in a modest back woods cabin, with nine kids. Helps that there were three other card-playin', butter-eatin' laugh-til-our-sides-hurt adults.

And tomorrow happens to be the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR THE KIDS!
I will report on that later.
Off to the laundry room.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

and we're off

The dentist went extremely well, thanks for asking!
And whoa, first time we have had dental insurance, so we didn't have to leave our only running vehicle as collateral. That was nice. We left having paid the whole bill. That was weird.
We are heading out tomorrow to this place:

Our family cabin in Idaho, where the cows and children run free.
There is no Internet.
No phones.
But also...
*no school
*no doorbells
*no obligations
*nothing to do
*nowhere to be
We will be gone for almost a week, so the old blog will not be updated until then. Have a great memorial day weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2007

the dentist.

No one likes the dentist, except Mikayla, who naively has her first cavity, and is looking forward to being worked on tomorrow. I am hoping she does better than her brother, Brendan.

Brendan has always been my accident prone child.
Ever since he was a toddler, he has run with one arm out in front of himself, ever vigilant about breaking his impending fall.

It wasn't a huge surprise then, when he fell, at the bowling center, and miraculously managed to hit himself in the face with a bowling ball,on the way to the floor, before landing on top of the same ball. I don't really even know how that was possible? But it happened.

It broke a molar...yep, a MOLAR in half. He had to go to "the shop" get put out, and have the tooth capped. This was when he was about five. The poor kid was miserable, and sick, and traumatized by the whole process. It took us a long time to pay that off, and an even longer time to dare venture back into a dental office.

Fast forward a year, and the poor kid has a couple of cavities. We take him to the dentist again. The dentist gives him a little shot, and that was it, folks. There would be no more dental work done on, or around Brendan.

The dentist tried to explain that Brendan was numb now, and would not feel anything. Could he please, just open his mouth, and let the dentist "look" at his teeth? He wasn't buying that. He knew a liar when he heard one. He recognized the smell of that office, fear mixed with Novocaine. Nope. Sealed shut. Water-tight. The vault was closed for business.

The dentist finally tricked him into opening a little. And seizing the opportunity, the dentist deftly, yet stupidly ventured in the treacherous cavern with his latex-clad hand...and Brendan promptly clamped down and bit him. With a look in his eye like "who won that round, O ye wielder of sharp objects?"

To my sheer horror and humiliation, we left, Brendan still numb, and still with his cavities. We waited it out and offered bribes, and finally took him to another dentist. One that had Nintendo. That cost a bloody fortune. And with sweat on his brow, he bravely got his measly cavities filled.

Well, that was two years ago...and now, we are going back. He has three cavitites this time. Please pray for the dentist.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

a few faves.

I thought today, since I have still been recovering from Horsecrap day, I would share with you some trivial things that I have been liking lately, and if you try them or already love them, let me know. By the way, hoping the pictures work, since I stole them all off the internet. I guess I should take my own, and scrap about this. Noting for later...

1- Costco Churros. Let's be honest, at a buck a piece, these things are SAHM crack. I Must. Have. One. Everyday. Carbs be damned.

2- Wonder Pets. "The phone. The phone is riiiiiinging!!, This is sewious..." I think this may be the cutest kids show ever. I must admit, I really enjoy watching this, and I am not even on Vicodin anymore...

3- Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser. I don't have an acne problem, knock on wood. I got a sample of this stuff, and I ended up loving it. It is minty tingly, and the best part...it removes my waterproof mascara. A one action deal, that is a bonus for me, cause by the time I am ready to crash into bed, I don't even like to wash my face, let alone engage in some complicated four step process that includes an arsenal of various product. I need easy, and the tingly thing, that is an awesome bonus.

4- Chewable Calcium in Caramel and Chocolate. When my doctor told me I need to start supplementing or else I would end up a hunchback, I was happy to find calcium candy. They really are good. Especially dipped in a Churro. Okay, I haven't actually tried that...

5- Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer. I admit, my obsession with these little buggers is getting a little out of hand. I have one in my pocket. Always. I especially love the Cocoa shade. I did have a bad experience sending one through the wash, and dryer...wasn't pretty, but I am still a user. I have been known to turn the Suburban around, drive back home, just to get my Burt's. Try it, you'll see.

6- Borghese Bronzing Powder from, yeah, Costco. I guess I hang out there more that I thought...must be the Churros. Anyway, they gave me a sample of this stuff, and I used it the day I filmed my infamous scrapbooking video segments. For once in my life, I looked less like a nocturnal pasty-faced corpse, and more like a human being. I had color! I looked alive! So, I bought into it, and I like the subtle look of health.

There you go. My testimonial of some of my favorite things right now. I just wanted to point out what did not make the list...like a spouse, or exercise.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

happy mothers day.

You know, had I blogged last night, I think I would have blogged a classic entry. A tirade of sorts about how much Mother's Day should be synonymous with "horsecrap"<---or something much less family friendly.

I have always hated Mothers Day.

I hated it as a young child, when it felt like every time I turned around, I had to be nice to my Mom for another WHOLE DAY.... like her birthday, wedding anniversary, Mothers Day...and when was there a "Kids Day" anyway? And my Mom would always tell me that "everyday was kids day" and I would roll my eyes at her.

And then I hated it as a single young adult, when I wanted to be a Mom, but was having a hard time finding someone that was remotely interesting to even date. The daydreams I would have of an idyllic Mother's Day, full of sunshine, and hugs, and smelling of lilacs.

Now I dislike the day for other reasons. For the fact that it is just another day, but somehow I always hold onto the hope that Sam will pitch in and make dinner, or look for the missing church shoes, or even for-go his own Sunday nap, to keep the kids quiet while I crash for a couple of blessed hours.

But no. Most of the time, I have picked my own gift, gotten gifts for my Mom and Mother-in-Law, made dinner(lunch and breakfast), gotten the kids ready for church, cleaned up after the meals, helped the kids make cards for the grandmas...all this while Sam takes in the Golf tournament on television, scratching himself, precious remote in hand.

I was so spitting mad last night, this year he "ran out of time" to take the kids to the Dollar Store to let them choose me a gift. He had to go into work. So I took them over. I waited in the car, and sent them in to choose presents. It is not that I wanted gifts, I just want to teach the kids to give. Not a hard concept, but "he ran out of time!??" Are you kidding me? Walmart started pimping out Mothers Day crap the day after Easter!

So I woke up a little crotchety this morning, expecting the worst.

And guess what folks?

It wasn't a perfect day. The kids argued like normal. Sam never did get me a gift, not even a card. My fat dress felt tight. We were late to church, and had to sit on the hard chairs. But...my attitude was different. For no other reason, then I think that my Heavenly Father wanted me to feel special, to feel like I am a good Mom, I had a good day.

I was grateful. Grateful for five little kids that call me Mom. Grateful for five fun foam picture frames that they made for me in their church classes. Grateful for a husband that picked up the ball today, and made sandwiches for everyone so I didn't have to. Grateful for the simple fact that we are all healthy. And yeah, grateful for the Dollar Store crap that my kids picked out...mostly to see how proud they were of the selections they made. (hair-brush, white-out, some colorful (fugly) hair bows, nail clippers, and Junior Mints)

See, it was all in my attitude. I am glad, that for today, I was able to find that happy place. (And without caffeine, I might add)

I know that some of you who read this probably struggle with Mothers Day too. Maybe because you are missing a child, maybe because you aren't able to have children, or your children are grown and gone, or maybe for the petty, annoying things I mentioned....and for some reason you didn't feel special today.

I want you to know that I think you are pretty wonderful.

That, Mom, everyday WAS Kids Day growing up in your home.

That, Jen, I was thinking of you--

And all of my "CB" friends, that I know at any given moment would let me vent about anything, pull my wandering toddler off of 780 west(with no "where the "H" were YOU judgments), or even vacuum my carpet if I asked.

I am amazed at all the women in my life, how even as impersonal as a computer hooked to the Internet seems, we have become friends.

That we all "get" each other, and strengthen each other, laughing at our stupid mistakes, and knowing that we don't have to pretend to be perfect to be good women and mothers.

Thank you all for your examples to me..and Happy Horsecrap Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Remember, tag in the BACK

Swimsuit season is nearly upon us.

This gem was caught on my camera phone, when Mikayla wanted to "dress self."

Monday, May 07, 2007

gotta have a hobby

Have I mentioned before that my father-in-law owns a bowling center?

I married into a semi-professional bowling family. It is inevitable then, that my kids would bowl, and even I would dabble a little in bowling.

For me it is purely recreational, but for them, well....that is a whole 'nother ball of wax.

The first year we were married was hard for me. Sam bowled on a couple of bowling leagues and "had a life" so to speak, outside of our happy little connected-at-the-hip coupledom. When we dated, he would drop bowling league to be with me...and after we married....meh. He begged me to get a hobby of my own...well, not begged, exactly, but said he would be happy to support one. (Thus, scrapbooking...) So, that first year we were married, he informs me that we would be going to Reno, Nevada to participate in "Bowling Nationals." I may have laughed. It sounded so official. Like it was trying to be the Superbowl. And it is! For bowlers, anyway.

I tagged along, and I was amazed really, how serious these bowlers are. Each bowler brings an average of five ball to bowl with. Each ball is for a different and specific lane condition. Are you ASLEEP??! Yeah, I was too. But apparently, if the lanes have been oiled excessively it warrants a ball with a certain shell on it, to perform better in the oily conditions. Then there is a ball for dry (not oiled enough) conditions, and a ball to pick up spares only...I am telling you, there is some sort of science to the whole thing. And these bowlers can carry on whole conversations about the oil PATTERNS on the lanes!? "Yeah, I had a rough time getting anything to carry the last few boards...I mean, it hooked so early..."

There is a whole new world in competitive bowling. Silly me, I thought you just had to aim at the pins, and knock them over...

They are very serious about the Bowling Nationals thing. There is a dress code, and you have to be very quiet, and they have to check the equipment in, to be weighed, and tested. It was an experience to say the least.

Sam and his family go every year. It is their tradition. I haven't been since the first time, but now that I have my own *ahem* hobby, I don't mind him going.

There is some good money to be won, if you bowl well. So far, Sam has done about average each year, basically paying for the trip, with a couple hundred extra. Of course, if you talk to him, he did awesome, and "made" $1200.00! But...realistically, by the time you take out entry fees, gas money, hotel money, food money, and somehow there is always a couple of mandatory golf games, he breaks even. That is where he was this weekend. Bowling his little heart out. (snicker)

I am glad he had fun.

But I am pretty sure that *I* made more $$ this weekend on my hobby what with the scrapbooking assignments and stuff.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I am such a sucker for contests.

I entered into the Martha Stewart Scrapbooking contest, the winner gets a whole bunch of great crap from Hewlett-Packard. I was so mentally winning this thing, that I even stopped my search for a point-and-shoot digital camera, because there was one in the prize package. HA! The power of positive thinking, right?

Well apparently Martha didn't think my layout was a "Good Thing." Cause they are announcing the winners all next week, and I haven't been called, so I can safely assume that I am not going to meet Martha, nor get my HP package O' swag.

I am going to share the layout instead, with you all. And if someone wanted to send me a small digital camera, I would accept it.

I have moved on, and I have been working on some stuff for the Krylon Designer Challenge contest. So I have been spray painting the ozone layer away. I have some pretty acceptable projects, and even if I don't win....my nose has been producing technicolor boogers from all the stray paint particles, and THAT my friends, is entertainment enough.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

In my neighborhood, they have this walking group, where a bunch of us SAHM's meet, with our strollers spilling over with toddlers....and walk.

"Walk" is apparently a multi-faceted word. What I consider walking, was not what we did today. Maybe it is the fact that I am short and stubby, and the other ladies legs hit me at about my armpits. I had to literally jog to keep up with them on our morning jaunt.

I already feel it in my hind-end. Not a good thing, cause I know tomorrow it is going to feel much worse. That drop-the-soap-in-the-shower-groaning-to-pick-it-back-up worse.

And my toes hurt. I broke out the flip-flops, and I am in the process of growing calluses in my toe-crotch yet again. It's the same thing every spring...

On the business end, I am finishing up a project I was given by assignment from a magazine! It feels good to be back in the saddle, well, it would feel good, if my butt didn't hurt.