Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ecuador Trip Highlights Version Dos

A few things in Ecuador got lost in the translation. Like the one night we went to the ice cream shop and the kids ordered "Buble GUN" cones, containing blue goo and chunks of chicle shrapnel.

Or some of the tee shirts (click on image for larger size)(Melissa, this one's for you):

I am not sure what an Ecuadorian Electrical Pageant is, but I am considering coming back on June 9th to see it.

And you need to click on this one to appreciate it.

And the logic of this sign which roughly translates to:
Normal Price: 10 cents
Children, Disabled and third age: 5 cents.
I am not sure why peeing as a normal person costs more than the latter, but this was posted on the entrance of the public bathrooms.

Then there was the Ecuadorian street mall with this store (Peg, this one's for you):

That missing “O” seems to be pretty vital. Changes the whole meaning, doesn’t it?

The bottled water you can purchase in Ecuador boasts this label:

Apparently the bottled water is so good you can just hand it over to the pale skinned, blue-eyed visiting American babies and let them chug it down. While laying down. And where are the native babies, you ask? Oh, yeah...they breast-feed until they are like nine. I saw that here too.

I have a morbid fascination with cemeteries. Ecuador did not disappoint. The cemetery in Guayaquil was humongous! And cool. There were the crypts, family mausoleums and then on the fringes of the cemetery there were random markers going up the hill into the jungle, where it was overgrown.

And here is a cemetery we passed in the bus on the way to Cuenca. You need to click on it, and imagine it late at night. <<<shiver>>> And maybe some vampires, but not hot vampires like the Cullens.<<<(good)shiver>>>

There were a whole lot of really, really cool Cathedrals in Ecuador too. Here are a few favorites:

And of course, the LDS temple in Guayaquil. We finally found a taxi driver who knew where the temple was. Typically Mormon temples are built on hillsides, and are easily visible from the surrounding area. It was so awesome to be driving along the cobblestone streets and see the temple pop up almost out of nowhere.

Whew, another picture heavy post!
I leave you with some more meat market goodness:

More tomorrow!


Amy Sorensen said...

Gorgeous photos, Shauntae!!! I'm giggling over the bathroom sign. You really have to pay to pee?

Candi said...

thanks for letting boring old me travel the world through your killer photos! looks like a super cool the cemetery photos!

Calene said...

Those are wonderful pictures! And do I spy a fanny pack on your cute little thin body???

All8 said...

Great pics! Glad that you all are home safe and sound........and you can finally use the bathroom. ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually the K looked like a T to me in the HEllo Kitty billboard...